Founded by the name Silverleaves Adventurer's Guild, Ixbalanque's Adventurer's Guild is an official Adventurer's Guild based in Moonlake, and is currently owned and operated by former Silverleaves' member Ixbalanque.

The creation of such a guild was originally an idea of Milinaeus Yoentumak, while he was a member of the Silverleaves. His planning would help Silverleaves increase their income and steadily turning to legitimate ways of making gold through a signed contract with the Duke. Silver himself was not fond of the idea but Milinaeus, Lily and Ixbalanque went through with it leaving some low-level members to run it. Lily Raulnor signed the contract to legitimize the business with the Devil Duke of Moonlake and Milinaeus sponsored with a large amount of gold pieces.

The guild opened business before the end of the Silverleaves rebellion against Iddle, and started recruiting young adventurers. The guild would later appeal to people who want to be adventurers, unemployed or poor who want to make a living and former outlaws who want to turn their lives around. The Douchy would give the guild quests to complete and they would share the reward upon succesful completion.

After the fall of the Silverleaves in Glade, Ixbalanque came to Moonlake and took upon the guild himself to run it changing its name to end all affiliation with the now-disbanded gang of outlaws.

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