The hobgoblins are a race of humanoids living in the southern regions of the continent.

They are highly militaristic, and they are based on the city-state of Graz’Narosh.

Their army helped Ad Infernum Lux in the victorious battle against the phaerimm along with the Necropolitans, Gnomes as well as the Yoentumak Company and the Wererats, but in the process were attacked by the army of the Gnomes.

Some hobgoblins in the past fled to the north, so they could fight the orcs.

Important members:

  • Hargran Glabder’ak (the warlord of the hobgoblins)
  • Groldan Glabder’ak (Hargran's father)
  • Hathur Glabder’ak (Hargran's grandfather)
  • Kulkan
  • Director Zola Urub'at
  • Grushk
  • Sukal and Mordok
  • Master Abjurer Ivir
  • Officer Dorogon
  • Evoker Rudna
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