The Filth were a band of outlaws inside the city of Glade, that were rivaling the Silverleaves' for territory influence. Unlike the Silverleaves, the Filth were consisting of homeless, poor people that were made into spies by their leader, a necropolitan calling himself Jester.

They were a potential army faithful to Falkrath. Their members included the necropolitans Jester, Rose Icelilly, Perdition and Karina Sale.

The Filth were later convinced by Ad Infernum Lux to band with Silverleaves in order to rebel against Richard Iddle, succesfully kidnapping his daughter. Their plans were ruined by Ad Infernum Lux, who killed Jester and saved the girl.

When Jester found a member of the Filth to have done a good job, he commemorated that person, by killing it and sending it over to the God of Death, in order to come back as a necropolitan.

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